Red Leaves and other beautiful plants!

Red Leaves and other beautiful plants!.


All Things Beautiful!

Green Plant 33114

The green plant is one I received as a Christmas present and it is really thriving. It is in front of my place and the gophers have already tried to eat it, but I put some granules that are supposed to make the gophers find another place to invade. I hope the granules work because I don’t want to lose the plant. I don’t know the name of this plant, but if anyone does, please let me know.





These photos of flowers were taken in the park by my husband. He captured the beauty and essence of the flowers which are lovely and dramatic. I love the red, yellow, white and orange all together as in a bouquet. I will post more of his photos soon so you can enjoy their beauty.

Beauty is all around us!

This is my wild bird, Tommy, who I have been feeding for five years. He is a wonderful pet who comes to my window when he is hungry and he brings a friend. The other photos I just entered are trees in a canyon and pretty pink flowers I saw on the trail. These new … Continue reading

Photography and Greeting Cards

The ice plant and the ocean are beautiful in spring. Even the dead trees and leaves have a certain place in the beauty of the ocean surroundings. Take note of the yellow flowers among the ice plant. Beautiful lake! You never know when you will find something interesting to photograph. ┬áMy interest is in flowers … Continue reading