Beauty is all around us!

Tommy the scrub jay This is my wild bird, Tommy, who I have been feeding for five years. He is a wonderful pet who comes to my window when he is hungry and he brings a friend.

The other photos I just entered are trees in a canyon and pretty pink flowers I saw on the trail.


DSC00028DSC00065These new photos are examples of beauty all around us. The beautiful clouds in a blue sky, the isolated bird, the green trees and the Greek vase are simple pictures of what beauty is!










Historic house in Michigan!

Old barn


Pink Flowers Blue Sky

Duck in park

Some people see beauty all around them whether they live in a city or live in the country in a rural setting. Others never see beauty around them so I hope I can rectify their views with my photos or greeting cards. I will try to post some photos and cards regularly so they too will see beauty in the world around all of us.

While traveling in Michigan and Wisconsin we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We looked for old barns to photograph because in their own way they are beautiful to behold. We found some old barns and other stuctures which were interesting. Here are some examples.


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